Are you a Techno-Utopian? Still?


Potential for Russian Cyberattack Against U.S. ‘Not to Be Taken Lightly’

Why Google Is in Deep Trouble for Tracking Your ‘Dark Patterns’

Out-Of-Control SpaceX Rocket on a Collision Course With the Moon

Tech + Media

Cathie Wood Declares ‘Innovation Is on Sale’ After Rout in Tech Stocks

The Struggling Magician Behind the iBeer App Was Making up to $20K a Day in Its Heyday

3 ‘Dark’ Trends Likely to Power Smart Technology and Communities by 2030

What We’re Watching

Astronaut Hearing Test | Cosmic Kiss

What We’re Listening To

Human and AI Consciousness

Nora Young’s Spark podcast is on a mission to help listeners navigate their digital life by connecting them to fresh ideas in surprising ways. In #530 of her popular tech show, she explores new theories on the nature of human consciousness and what this means for how we think about artificial intelligence.

Spotify/ 55 min listen

Virtual Events & Jobs

NEW ROLE — NYC Media Lab, Director of Membership.

We have an amazing new role as we continue to grow in 2022. We’re hiring for a Director of Membership, and if you know someone who would be great, please ask them to check out — or maybe it’s you! Reach out to learn more.

A Deeper Look

Ethics and Ownership of AI-Powered Identities




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