August 2020: We’re exploring old New York, 5G, & the future of retail

  • Chillers: Dana Bevilacqua, Michael Mcphee, Claire Pelofi
  • CnC: Cy Kim, Cezar Mocan
  • CoCreative: Son Luu, Sachiko Nakajima, Chenhe Zhang
  • MIDI: David Azar, Arnab Chakravarty, Dana Elkis, Matt Ross
  • Octavia Immersive: Jess Chase, Douglas Goldstein, Pippa Kelmenson, MaryAnn Talavera, Marcel Truxillo
  • Episode 1: AI & Emerging Trends in Media Technology
  • Episode 2: State of the Art in Machine Driven Media
  • Episode 3: Tech Ethics: Diversity, Bias, Inequality, & Privacy
  • Episode 4: Emerging Tech & New Media Platforms
  • Episode 5: The Disinformation Industrial Complex



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NYC Media Lab

NYC Media Lab

NYC Media Lab connects university researchers and NYC’s media tech companies to create a new community of digital media & tech innovators in New York City.