Cities of the Future

  • “Heavy Congestion in Cities can Result In Drivers Spending More than 70 hours per Year in Gridlock”
  • “Hospital Overcrowding in Cities can Result in Patients Waiting Longer Than 4 Hours for a Bed”
  • Mobility / Transportation: save 59.5 hours per year
  • Healthcare: save 9.7 hours per year
  • Public Safety: save 34.7 hours per year
  • Administrative Productivity: — save 21.2 hours per year
  • As part of its smart city plan, New York’s Department of Environmental Protection is deploying a large-scale Automated Meter Reading (AMR) system to get a better snapshot of water consumption (the 8.5 million-plus residents of the city use a billion gallons of water each day) and give customers a tool to check their daily water use.
  • The city has also deployed Bigbelly solar-powered “smart” trash cans that monitor trash levels and ensure waste pick-up is scheduled regularly.
  • Singapore: smart traffic cameras restrict traffic based on volume, making thousands of passengers’ commutes easier every day.
  • Kaunas, Lithuania: the cost of parking is automatically deducted from drivers’ bank accounts when they park, sparing them the hassle of dealing with parking meters.
  • Tokyo, Japan: facial recognition technology will be used to improve security at the 2020 Olympic Games, and driverless taxis will be used to transport athletes and tourists at the Games.



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