Data Download: Electric Cars Create Battery Woes…

Data Download: Electric Cars Create Battery Woes… Electric Cars are shifting focus to batteries, both old and new… and the potential to create environmental havoc.

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Are we in the future already?

Are we really moving forward? Umm maybe…. With the world moving ahead with electric cars, Wired shed some light on the recycling of the batteries used for the electric cars, whereas Microsoft at the same time refreshes the memories by launching the 2009 Google Wave with a brand new fluid framework similar to Microsoft Teams but different…. Techcrunch has the answers.

Honestly, my favorite piece from this week’s newsletter was the self driven car review. Is it really such a smooth trip, as discussed by Cal in “My first fully driverless pickup”? It’s worth watching.

Finally, Conception is making human eggs from blood. Shocked, aren’t you? Well, “theoretically, a cell from a man could be turned into an egg” Conception has taken legit steps to convert this theory into a successful experiment. Now, same-sex couples can have babies. Mind-blowing, isn’t it?

Oh, and the holiday season is here, even before Thanksgiving. Are you ready? Draft your wish list before all good tech sells out.

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The NYC Media Lab Must-Read Cars going electric. What happens to the used batteries?

With the emerging trend of Electric cars, the demand for batteries has increased exponentially. But what happens to the used batteries? As per the research done in Alissa Kendall’s lab, the used batteries supply more than half cobalt, nickel, and lithium. A smart end to the use of electric cars is needed to end the horror stream of used batteries.

Wired/ 2 min read Read More Microsoft launches Google Wave

The doomed real-time messaging platform from 2019 is back. With the fluid framework, the wave is not conveniently available everywhere. But is it convenient and different from Microsoft teams? You will have to find out here.

The looping features are now available in this innovative Google meet, relaunched by Microsoft with greater benefits and bigger changes.

Techcrunch / 14 min read
Read More Tech+Media You can now, technically, build your own USB-C iPhone

Ken Pillonel’s open-source design is making hardware hacking possible. To understand the nitty-gritty details of the open-source design, a 13 minute long video is available that offers you the details on combining the USB C connection.

With the detailed development process, the conceptual prototype is simpler to understand with the reverse engineering and lighting connectors.

The Pillonel’s open-source project is perfect for connecting the custom USB C with your iPhone X.

The Verge / 8 min read Read More Nintendo is reportedly making 20 percent fewer Switches due to the chip shortage

“Nintendo will only be producing 24 million units through March 2022”. Came to us as a shock too.

As per the resources, the switch has had a decline of 37 percent on the overall production since last year, but the limited production and shortage of chips have chokehold the overall electronics industry along with leaving a strong impact on Nintendo as well.

The Verge / 3 min read Read More The Big Pixel 6 Camera Shoot-Out

Want DSLR quality images? I feel Big Pixel 6 would be it. This Google-packed Pixel 6 phone offers tremendous features along with dazzling camera functions and the AI powered upgrade for the camera; sounds cool already, right?

With the dedicated zoom option and the smart camera features, the Pixel 6 by Google is all ready to beat its competitors. The bonus feature in this camera that makes it different from the previous models by Pixel is the massive 48 Megapixel camera for telephoto and the optical zoom options, which is the cherry on top. This phone also wins the game with the 50-megapixel sensor for the camera and the ultra-wide rear camera, which is bigger, better, and perfect for photography enthusiasts.

Gizmodo / 6 min read Read More What We’re Watching My first fully driverless pickup

Driverless cars, is it a dream? Well, not really, but in a future-forward world, it is happening. Cal had his first experience of riding in a driverless car by Cruise and trust me, seeing him satisfied, I can say he enjoyed the ride and that it went super smooth. Don’t believe me? Well, you can see for yourself in this video where he has documented his whole start to end. And yes… he arrived at the drop off on one piece, happy and satisfied. I am sure you, too, will want to ride in a driverless car. How about you try it now?

Check Cruise now to find how you can book a driverless car for yourself.

Cruise, YouTube / 8 min watch Watch Here What Were Listing To Meta’s Andrew Bosworth on moving Facebook to the Metaverse — Decoder with Nilay Patel

Andrew, in this podcast, discussed the decision of Facebook to metaverse after the announcement by Facebook regarding the corporate rebranding to the name of Meta. Andrew also discussed the journey of Facebook in becoming metaverse, whereas the journey also moved forward in terms of content moderation and then the working on metaverse and the hardware journey from virtual reality to mixed and then eventually moving on to AR. Listen to him talk about Facebook and its future as Metaverse here.

Spotify / 40 min listen

Listen Here Virtual Events & Jobs

Modern Data Privacy: What to Expect in 2022

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Human Trafficking and Technology

Technology is bliss and a curse both. Human trafficking can never be facilitated without the use of technology. These days the technology is being misused and exploited, and to learn about it, the event is an important one to attend. With technology exploitation increasing tremendously in most regions, we all need to stay safe, and for that, informed decisions and actions are important. Register yourself now to find out more about the technology and its misuse for human trafficking.

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A Deeper Look How Silicon Valley hatched a plan to turn blood into human eggs

A well connected SF startup known as Conception is rewriting the rules for reproduction. While, in theory, blood can be made into human eggs, and this silicon valley startup has made it possible for same-gender couples to have babies.

With a much realistic outlook, Conception has moved ahead in the future driven domain of DNA engineering. Even though the potential risks are huge, but with the evolving egg-making technology, the blood cells can be converted into powerful stem cells and embryos. Read more to have a look at much more interesting facts.

Technology Review/ 6 min read
Read More


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