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Neural Networks Can Hide Malware, and Scientists Are Worried

The Irrational Exuberance of Web3

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How Digital Communities Can Build Universal Digital Inclusion

Apple’s Great New iPhone Privacy Feature Is Like an X-Ray for Apps

Why Measuring the Value of Data Really Matters

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15 Emerging Technologies that Will Change the World

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Getting AI To Think And Learn Like Humans

Daniel Kahneman, Nobel prize-winning psychologist, and economist recently joined Yann LeCun, Chief AI scientist at Meta (Facebook) on the Big Technology Podcast. In this fascinating conversation, they discuss how machines and humans learn, whether there are parallels, and what each field can learn from each other.

Apple Podcasts/ 67 min listen

Virtual Events & Jobs

The NYC Media Lab (that’s us!) is looking for an Associate Director of Marketing!
We’re hiring to lead our Marketing efforts. The role will develop and implement NYC Media lab’s marketing, events and social media effort that targets specific audiences and stakeholders increasing brand awareness and membership. Think this job sounds perfect for you? Send resume and cover letter to:

A Deeper Look

2022 Will Be About Making Meaningful, Enduring, Systemic Changes. Are Leaders Ready?




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