Data Download: Twenty, Twenty, Two.


OpenSimulator Offers a Glimpse of What a Decentralized Metaverse Might Look Like

Sony Shows off SUV, Will Explore Building Electric Cars as ‘Sony Mobility Inc’

Tech + Media

Instagram Carousels Should Be the Center of Your 2022 Social Media Strategy

7 Hybrid Work Hurdles Which You May Have Overlooked

Apple’s Market Cap Briefly Tops $3 Trillion After Relentless Rally

What We’re Watching

Samsung at CES 2022 in 8 Minutes

What We’re Listening To

Stakeholder Capitalism — Tech For Good

While the value of big tech companies has soared, what problems has that created? A lack of market competition and the impact on economies, data protection concerns, falling public trust. So is big tech too big, and what should be done? These are just a few of the questions explored in the World Economic Forum podcast.

Spotify/ 24 min listen

Virtual Events & Jobs

The NYC Media Lab (us!) is Hiring.

We have two amazing roles as we continue to grow in 2022. We’re hiring for an AD/Marketing and AD/Programs, and if you know someone who would be great, please ask them to check out — or maybe it’s you! Reach out to learn more.

A Deeper Look

Self-Driving Tractor Stirs Debate on AI in Farming




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