DataDownload: 2020 was a canary, not a black swan

  • Learning pods: “Learning pods will alternate between two experiences. The first will be nature-based curriculums whose lessons are enhanced by Indigenous knowledge, sensory technologies, and augmented reality. The second will be community schools in modified home environments.”
  • Smart hospital rooms: “We will redesign hospital rooms with enhanced ventilation systems and viral sensors that continuously detect levels of airborne pathogens. You will be able to visit your family member in a hospital during the next pandemic because you will be given a powered air-purifying respirator helmet.”
  • Rethinking aging: “The perception of what it means to be old is changing. The New Old exhibition curated by Jeremy Myerson at the Design Museum a couple of years ago addressed this, and there is growing interest in products and services with a more modern aesthetic that do not pander to a dated view of what old age looks like.”
  • Will all the huffing and puffing over Section 230 amount to anything?
  • How many digital media companies will be rolled up and in which combinations?
  • Will a series of retirements spark leadership changes in major newsrooms?
  • What are the next steps in the growing biz of newsletters? Which alternatives to Substack will flourish?
  • How will the Warner Bros. rollout of movies in theaters and on HBO Max impact Hollywood?
  • And more…



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