DataDownload: 2021 and beyond

  • Physical experiences expand: “By 2025, 40% of physical-experiences businesses will improve financial results and outperform competitors by extending into paid virtual. As the Internet of Things (IoT), virtual and augmented reality, digital twins and other technologies evolve, immersive experiences are now more affordable, and more fun.”
  • Record work conversations drive change: “By 2025, 75% of conversations at work will be recorded and analyzed, enabling the discovery of added organizational value or risk. Every piece of technology, from smart speakers to virtual meetings to messaging platforms, now records conversations. Privacy is an illusion.”
  • Malicious content takes over: “By 2024, content moderation services for user-generated content will be surveyed as a top CEO priority by 30% of large organizations. Any organizations that have an online presence, from social media to retailer platforms, face the challenge of how to deal with malicious content.”
  • Welcome To The Year Of Pandemic Advertising: “As advertisers attempt to reckon with the impending upheaval of data deprecation, they’ll be forced to divert attention toward more pressing — and distracting — issues that have emerged due to the COVID-19 pandemic…. In 2021, brands will turn to virtual ad creation in a variety of ways, from virtual influencers to increased investments in creative adtech.” Full Blog
  • Remote Work, Automation, And HR Tech Will Flourish: “Companies will focus their automation efforts on helping remote employees be more effective, with one in four information workers receiving help from software bots, robotic process automation, and AI while some frontline workers receive help from physical robots (when social distancing isn’t possible, for example).” Full Blog
  • Software Developers Face Mounting Pressure: “Modernization efforts will put pressure on developers to master new skills. Almost three-quarters of infrastructure and operations pros report that migrating existing apps to cloud platforms is a priority of their enterprise’s cloud strategy. It’s developers that will need to containerize and refactor these monoliths.” Full Blog
  • “In a recent survey of 189 companies, only 23% reported that they are planning a holiday party this year.”
  • “54% are not, and 23% are undecided or waiting for guidance.”
  • “Of the 23% planning to celebrate, 74% will do so virtually.”
  • “Do not limit yourself to another Zoom happy hour. We are seeing movie watch parties, guided crafting and cooking sessions with materials or gift cards to buy them shipped out in advance, and virtual escape rooms.”
  • “Includes a suggestion that each worker’s family make the gingerbread house and then record and submit a one-minute (or less) video of the group gathered around their final creation.”



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