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What Is CTRL-Labs, and Why Did Facebook Buy It?
If you’ve seen CTRL-Labs CEO Thomas Reardon speak, you’re familiar with his adept ability to woo audiences with futuristic brain interface tech. But CTRL-Labs was a little-know player in the relatively little-know BCI space until Facebook decided to buy Reardon’s startup for somewhere between $500M and $1B. Now everybody wants to know a bit more. NYC Media Lab’s Steve Rosenbaum collates the material floating around online about CTRL-Labs.

For the Media

Can a Machine Learn to Write For The New Yorker?
A lyrical New Yorker dive into the workings and implications of advanced natural language processing systems — think GPT-2, Smart Compose, and Smart Reply — complete with elucidations from Joel Tetreault, computational linguist and former director of research at Grammarly, Dario Amodei, OpenAI’s director of research, Paul Lambert, who oversees Smart Compose at Google, and plenty more.

Events & Announcements

Event: Spatial Data Science Conference
Date: October 16
Location: Columbia University, NYC
Founded in 2017, the Spatial Data Science Conference (#SDSC19) brings together organizations who are pushing the boundaries of spatial data modeling — ranging from large enterprise to cities and government, as well as thought leaders from academic institutions. The agenda will be packed with keynotes, panels, technical workshops, and opportunities to network with experts in spatial data from across the globe. Register Here



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