DataDownload: How the pandemic will end… NYU’s response to COVID-19

  • Led by Steve Kuyan, Grant Fox, and Uriel Eisen of the NYU Tandon Future Labs and Sayar Lonial (Tandon), the NYU COVID-19 Task Force has already created a prototype face shield that is quick and inexpensive to produce, and which can provide added protection to hospital workers and extend the life of face masks.
  • Physics professor David Grier has developed and patented technology for holographic detection of protein binding, including antibodies, which can allow for highly accurate COVID-19 testing.
  • Professor Elodie Ghedin (biology, Global Public Health) is conducting viral sequencing from patient samples in order to help with disease surveillance.
  • The NYU Chemical Biology Initiative has already begun a multi-pronged approach to the design, synthesis, an initial evaluation of drug candidates.
  • Laboratories across campus are working to redirect their materials, equipment, and personnel to assist with the shortage of supplies.



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