Innovation Monitor: Climate Change and Innovation (with a focus on our hometown of NYC!)

  • In 2050, New York City is prepared for a changing climate, and is no longer reliant on fossil fuels.
  • In 2050, New Yorkers no longer rely on cars.
  • Cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 17% “below 2005 levels amid significant population and economic growth.”
  • Committed to divest $5B “of the City’s pension funds from fossil fuels, and invest $4B into climate solutions, becoming a global leader in the divestment movement.”
  • Introducing congestion pricing, “to reduce traffic in Manhattan and generate funds for essential subway repairs and enhancements.”
  • Domatic: A product that “centralizes AC/DC conversion at the source to pave the way for widespread solar-powered future that relies on DC.”
  • Origen Hydrogen: “Low-cost hardware for green hydrogen production for heavy-duty vehicles, industry, and for long-term back-up power.”
  • Urbio: “Software empowering cities and utilities to plan for and design the energy transition.”



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