Russia, Misinformation, and Media


The Long History of Russian Disinformation Targeting the U.S.

Fact Check US: What Is the Impact of Russian Interference in the US Presidential Election?

Russia-Ukraine Misinformation Is Running Rampant — Here’s How to Spot It

Tech + Media

How NASA Plans to Take the International Space Station Out of Orbit

Inside the Lab Where Intel Tries to Hack Its Own Chips

How Russia’s Disinformation Strategy Is Evolving

What We’re Watching

PlayStation VR 2 Design Revealed

What We’re Listening To

Tech Won’t Save Us — The The Poorly Paid Workers Powering Automation

Tech Won’t Save Us offers a critical perspective on tech, its worldview, and wider society with the goal of inspiring people to demand better tech and a better world. In this episode, Paris Marx is joined by Phil Jones to discuss the hidden microworkers behind supposedly AI-powered automation from major tech companies, how it differs in the Global North and South, and what it means for how we think about the future.

Apple Podcasts/ 49 min

Virtual Events & Jobs

Director of Partnerships — NYC Media Lab

The Director of Partnerships leads the strategic planning, business development, and programmatic partnerships of the NYC Media Labs. The position is responsible for identifying and launching new programs and initiatives, managing the innovation portfolio for NYC Media Labs. The position will also have direct oversight of the $2 million dollar Verizon 5G Ed Tech Challenge.

Apply HERE.

A Deeper Look

True Innovation Requires Big Tech, Academia, and Government to Work Together




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