Technology as a Driver of Global Change.


President Biden Will Call For More Limits on Social Media.

NASA’s New Shortcut to Fusion Power

Neural Noise Shows the Uncertainty of Our Memories

Tech + Media

Why Voice Assistants Could Be the Future of User Experience

Why the True Test for Today’s Conversational A.I. Chatbots Is Time

War in Ukraine: We Need to Talk About Fossil Fuels

What We’re Watching

KIMI — Official Trailer

What We’re Listening To

Marketplace Tech — A Closer Look at China’s New Algorithm Regulations

China’s government enforces regulations on companies that use algorithms to control search results, recommend videos, or set prices. It’s part of China’s broader efforts to crack down on its tech sector. Among other things, these new rules would prohibit companies from using someone’s personal information to show them a different price for a product than someone else.

Apple Podcasts/ 8 min

Virtual Events & Jobs

Director of Partnerships — NYC Media Lab

The Director of Partnerships leads the strategic planning, business development, and programmatic partnerships of the NYC Media Labs. The position is responsible for identifying and launching new programs and initiatives, managing the innovation portfolio for NYC Media Labs. The position will also have direct oversight of the $2 million dollar Verizon 5G Ed Tech Challenge.

Apply HERE.

A Deeper Look

I Feared Remote Work Would Kill My Startup’s Culture. Here’s Why It Didn’t




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