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7 min readApr 25, 2022

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As Peter Drucker once said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” This week’s newsletter explores how visionaries, entrepreneurs, and businesses are focused on building a better tomorrow. Leading this charge forward are software engineers looking to use their coding skills to make the world a better place, but what are their salary expectations?

In the same week that the Variety Intelligence Platform produced a detailed report on the future of content, there was a counterargument that decentralized media is reshaping the industry and building a different model that puts creators on top. Meanwhile, 5G is destined to prove its value and be at the heart of how next-gen tech will change the business of media and marketing. Elon Musk went a step further this week when he provided a vision for a future worth getting excited about in an interview with Chris Anderson, head of TED.

And, for sure — our upcoming Spring Gala promises to be a memorable gathering.

What excites you about the future? As always, we would love to hear from you.

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Disinformation is weakening democracy says Barack Obama

Barack Obama is back on the stump, but he’s not campaigning for himself or any other candidate. He’s taking on disinformaton. “This is an opportunity, it’s a chance that we should welcome for governments to take on a big important problem and prove that democracy and innovation can coexist,” said Obama

Obama outlined the threat that disinformation online, including deepfake technology powered by AI, poses to democracy as well as ways he thought the problems might be addressed in the United States and abroad.

Obama, who served as the 44th president of the United States from 2009 to 2017, was the keynote speaker at a one-day symposium, titled “Challenges to Democracy in the Digital Information Realm,” co-hosted by the Stanford Cyber Policy Center and the Obama Foundation on the Stanford campus on April 21.

Stanford News / 8 min read

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Embracing Culture Change on the Path to Digital Transformation

Contrary to popular belief, a digital transformation project is not all about technology. One of the biggest reasons these initiatives fail or run into problems is because the business fails to tackle the culture change required to make it succeed. Check out this inspiring story from the National Australia Bank, which proved that modernizing internal technical skills and upgrading legacy mindsets is the key to successful digital transformation and cloud adoption across an organization.

MIT Tech Review/ 27 min read

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Decentralized Media May Represent a New Future That Puts Creators on Top

The biggest issues for content creators and artists are at the mercy of big tech’s algorithms and a lack of control over your content. Whether it’s YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, or even LinkedIn, a slight tweak to the algorithm can make you invisible to the following you have spent years building. However, as we head towards a Web3 future, there is an increasing appetite to do something different. For example, could a decentralized approach to content creation change the media landscape by democratizing creation? Another exciting trend to watch closely.

Coin Telegraph/ 3 min read

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Tech + Media

The Future of Content

Big Tech currently dominates the entertainment industry. But how will these worlds continue to collide? And what does the future of content look like? The Variety Intelligence Platform created a report containing 22 slides in a data-fueled exploration of the trends around streaming, film, TV, music, video games, the creator economy, and even the metaverse. Expect a few surprises in the report as the blurred lines between media and tech are beginning to disappear completely.

Variety/ 4 min read

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Understanding Software Engineering Salaries in 2022, in 5 Charts

Many software engineers are looking to use their coding skills to make the world a better place — either through what they do on the job or in their free time. But at a time when there is a critical skills shortage, what is the most in-demand skill? And what are the most lucrative languages, specialties, and regions? Check out some of the key takeaways from Hired’s 2022 State of Software Engineers report revealing the ten highest-paying software engineering jobs.

IEEESpectrum/ 2 min read

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Can Human-Centered MLOps Help AI Live Up to the Hype?

Human-centered AI is becoming much more than a hyped buzzword or philosophical framework. While it focuses on how AI can amplify and enhance human performance, we are beginning to ask if it’s really about helping enterprises build and manage better AI. John McCarthy, the father of AI, believes that to understand an AI model’s boundaries or limitations, “you have to transcend it.” Essentially, Human-centered AI requires design thinking. This article discusses how we are only just beginning to understand the reality of how humans will engage with AI.

VentureBeat/ 6 min read

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What We’re Watching

Elon Musk: A Future Worth Getting Excited About

What’s on Elon Musk’s mind? Musk joins Chris Anderson, head of TED, in a discussion about the radical innovations he’s working on, from Tesla’s intelligent humanoid robot Optimus, SpaceX’s otherworldly Starship, and how Neuralink’s brain-machine interfaces could help maximize the lifespan of humanity. It’s a compelling vision for the future.

TED YouTube/ 1 hour 6 min watch

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What We’re Listening To

The Prof G Pod

We live in a winner-take-all economy that’s bifurcating into those who are part of the innovation economy and those who aren’t. Every week best-selling author, professor and entrepreneur Scott Galloway answers questions from you (his listeners) on who’s winning and losing, and how you can get ahead. Other professors, practitioners, and entrepreneurs join Scott to contribute ideas, alternate opinions, and insights to help you thrive at work. Tune in for a no mercy, no malice take on how you can level up your game in the world of business.

Apple Podcasts/ 28 min

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A Deeper Look

The Future of 5G: How Next-Gen Tech Will Change the Business of Media and Marketing

Verizon’s senior vice president and chief media officer, Tony Wells, sat down with Adweek during Mediaweek to discuss the technology company’s unique point of view as the leading 5G provider. In addition, they explore how next-gen technologies will play a critical role in innovating across media, sponsorships, and marketing in an increasingly digital, highly competitive world.

However, the real exciting things on the horizon are around how 5G will lead to the creation of new ecosystems that support brand and business opportunities for personalized experiences, including the metaverse where we can expect content and advertising to converge.

AdWeek/ 3 min read

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