This summer, four new startups emerge at the intersection of Sports, Media & Technology

NYC Media Lab, Verizon and Yahoo Sports partner on the Sports/Media/Tech Summer Startup Bootcamp focusing on applications of 5G wireless technology for sports and e-sports

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3 min readJun 4, 2018
Sports/Media/Tech, a recent conference by NYC Media Lab presented by Yahoo Sports and Verizon

In partnership with NYC Media Lab, Verizon and Yahoo Sports have awarded $5,000 grants to four teams of entrepreneurs that will build new ventures in the sports arena. Kicking off this June, NYC Media Lab will take entrepreneurs through an 8-week Lean Launchpad program to encourage and support customer discovery and market validation — a familiar process as the Lab’s startup accelerator, The Combine, enters its fourth year.

The program was announced at the recent Sports/Media/Tech conference, a new event presented by NYC Media Lab and sponsored by Yahoo Sports and Verizon. At the event, technology, business and innovation experts from the sports, media and entertainment industries convened to discuss the future of the space, including the emergence of new technologies, and consequently, new types of fan engagement.

A key takeaway from the Sports/Media/Tech conference was how the promise of ubiquitous 5G technologies will impact sports. During the event’s 5G-focused panel, The Decade Ahead, Verizon Open Innovation Director Christian Guirnalda expressed that more and faster data will lead to better experiences. Sports/Media/Tech uncovered that sophisticated video technologies, virtual and augmented reality, and artificial intelligence are among the trends that will radically change the way that sports media is created, distributed, consumed and monetized.

Watch: The Decade Ahead panel at Sports/Media/Tech

With these insights in mind, NYC Media Lab led the Bootcamp’s recruitment process, beginning with an open call to its university consortium. Applicants were asked to consider building or expanding entrepreneurial concepts across 5G and emerging media topic areas:

How can 5G and an Intelligent Edge network impact the fan experience at next-generation sports stadiums, arenas and other “connected” venues?

How can 5G and an Intelligent Edge network enable more compelling and meaningful e-sports experiences for gamers and fans?

How can mobile-first applications of emerging media technology like augmented reality, computer vision, and personalization algorithms engage the generation Z (born in the mid 1990s to early 2000’s) audience for sports?

NYC Media Lab believes that entrepreneurs will lead the way in this new area of exploration, creating massive new opportunities for media and technology companies in a growing market. Learn more about the four teams that were selected to participate in the program below…


Joseph Huaynate and Zishan Ahmed
University: CUNY Queens College and CUNY Brooklyn College
Hype is the first platform focused on providing streamers tools and resources as well as a collaborative playground to better their craft for audience growth and eventual monetization.


Barsha Maharjan and Milan Gray
University: Parsons School of Design
Pre:G is a sports trivia game that utilizes machine learning ,video streaming, and betting to further enhance the pregame community and excitement around sports.

Motion Offense

Ray Luo and Yuka Fukuoka
Universities: Parsons School of Design and School of Visual Arts
A stadium app that provides new game attendees with an AR-enriched experience for live viewing, memory recording, and food ordering.


Gaurav Bhardwaj and Isha Chaturvedi
University: NYU Center for Urban Science and Progress
A VR based app, that allows young sports enthusiasts to watch 360-degree live broadcasts of any game and at the same time stay connected with their friends through custom game rooms. The app helps users to get the stadium like fan-experience at home.

Please contact Amy Chen, NYC Media Lab’s Director of Entrepreneurship Programs at ( to learn more about these startups.



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